If you want to draw attention to your ferrying service, what’s better than pitting your ferries’ hard specs with a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, right? Well, that’s exactly what ferry and freight service provider Brittanny Ferries did. With a headline such as “55 times more oomph than a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse,” it will definitely some raise eyebrows. While the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse’s power plant has 16 cylinders, a typical Brittanny Ferries’ ferry has ’just’ 12 cylinders… but it has four of those 12s which puts out a grand 65,000 horsepower. Brittanny Ferries can’t help but to awe by its own ship, saying it has 64,850 more horses than an average car and “55 times more than of the most powerful production cars on the road today.”

Brittanny Ferries Cruise Ferry
One of the 12-cylinder engine in the main engine room

True. Though clearly, the ferry’s heft definitely won’t see it making any speed record and it most certainly won’t make 0-54 knots (equivalent to 0-100 Km/h) in single digit, but it can, however, ferry lots of people and cargos, including many of those powerful cars. Started in the 70s, Brittany Ferries was set up by French Farmers with the goal of widening the reach of their agricultural products to the British market. As time goes by, it grows beyond freight and started to ferrying people who wants to shuttle between the two countries. Cars are, of course, part of the cargos today. So, if you rather have a view than facing dark tunnel walls when shuttling between the two countries, then perhaps, this ‘regular’ mode of transport would be a better option.

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Brittanny Ferries Cruise Ferry
Did we mention that it has almost human-size pistons?

Brittanny Ferries Cruise Ferry

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