consider doing your knees a favor by doing exercises that will have a little less impact on them. cycling is a good form of exercise, except that you will be sitting down the whole time which does not quite replicate running, but with the Halfbike, you can actually do so because it has no seat. so yes, you will be riding standing upright and you’d be using less effort to cover more than jogging and thus, getting more exercise without hurting your knees. the Halfbike is kind of a breakthrough in bicycle design by completely rethinking how a pedal-powered vehicle should be. sure, it has a three-wheel designed which anyone could argue that isn’t all that revolutionary, but how about one that does without seat and also has a vertical stick (like a pilot control stick) for handlebar? now, that folks, is what we call revolutionary.

by riding it standing, it gives you a wee bit ‘higher’ perspective of what’s ahead of you and its compact form means you could lug it along with you onto public transport, snug into an elevator, stow it away in tight spaces and it is lightweight enough (7.8 kilograms or 17 lbs) to be carried up the stairs if the situation requires you to do so. crafted by hand locally, the Halfbike has a lightweight aluminum frame and sports a striking and functional handlebar made from impregnated plywood. back at the rear, it has a MBS mountainboards’ truck and it naturally has a hand-actuated brake to bring it to stop. we have no doubt that this bike is going to be a head turner, but there’s a price to pay for coolness factor and that price comes in the form of $899 of your hard earned dough. keep going past the fold for a few more look and a couple of videos.

Halfbike via Design Boom

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