Eight years since its inception, the Formula E race car design is moving into the third generation. With the Gen3, the car is not just futuristic but it is futuristic in function too, brought about by major improvements in the area of power and efficiency.

Formula E Gen3 Race Car

Sustainability also gets a boost as well. Aesthetically, it is very much sharper. It looks like an arrow from the top, ready to pierce through the air at any given moment.

The third-gen also marks Formula E race cars becoming true open-wheel race cars – a step closer to looking like other Formula series race cars. The new design ditches the front and rear wheel covers that made it look like endurance race cars.

In addition, the wings are gone. Replacing the downforce duties are two fins like the vertical stabilizer of a jet fighter. Overall, the design is both lighter and more compact than the last-gen model.

Formula E Gen3 Race Car

In the performance department, the Formula E Gen3 is the fastest Formula E yet with a top speed of over 200 mph (322 km/h) while being the most efficient yet with over 40% of the energy used within a race produced by regenerative braking. It also boasts about 95% power efficiency from an electric motor delivering up to 350 kW (470 bhp).

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The Gen E is also the first-ever Formula car to be outfitted with two powertrains (front and back). The addition of a new front powertrain with regenerative ability, allows the car to do away with rear hydraulic brakes. In addition, it also touts an ultra-high-speed charging capability of 600 kW.

Formula E Gen3 Race Car

Sustainability aspect, natural materials have been introduced to the tires, batteries, and bodywork construction. Moreover, battery cells will be reused and recycled at end of life. Additionally, linen and recycled carbon fiber from retired Gen2 will be used to construct the bodywork.

The new Formula E Gen3 Race Car will see action in the Season 9 of the ABB FIA World Championship. Already, seven constructors have registered to race the new Formula E Gen3 race car.

Formula E Gen3 Race Car

Images: Formula E.

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