Wristcam Video Calling on Apple Watch

Remember Wristcam? The Apple Watch band that adds not one but two cameras to your Apple Watch? The watchband has an 8 MP camera and a 2 MP selfie camera integrated into the watchband, and it boasts its own storage good for up to 2000 photos or an hour of footage. When it was first released, recording images is all it can do but now, it has another feature: video calling.

Wristcam Video Calling on Apple Watch

That’s right, folks. The familiar scene from many sci-fi movies of people videoing calling from their wristwatch is real! With the new video calling feature, Wristcam users can make and take video calls right from the wrist. Like, how cool is that. This is a huge feature improvement over the watch’s original voice calls and audio FaceTime calls functions.

The new Wristcam video call features support both watch-to-watch video calls with other Wristcam users as well as Watch-to-Phone video calls. There is a catch, though. Video calls are only possible using the Wristcam app. If you are a Wristcam user, you can request early access to use this feature.

Images: Wristcam.

via MacRumors.