Armed with GPS and the ability to make and take calls, and text, the Apple Watch can used independently of iPhone. But what about imaging? Well for that, Wristcam has the answer.

Wristcam Camera Watch Band for Apple Watch

Wristcam is Made for Apple Watch replacement watch band that has not one, but two HD cameras built into it. With the two HD cameras, you can video walkie-talkie and record photos and videos, all without the need to pull out your phone from the pocket or bag.

Wristcam runs off its own battery which promised an all-day use. The accessory further boasts both on-device storage and Cloud storage, thus allowing thousands of photos and videos to be saved.

Wristcam Camera Watch Band for Apple Watch

For fashionistas, you will be glad too know hat Wristcam lets you change up the Wristcam band colors to match your OOTD and/or occasion. The only caveat we see here is, part of the watch band will be super thick. Then again, that’s kind of unavoidable if you want cameras on an Apple Watch.

The Wristcam Camera Watch Band for Apple Watch is available to fit 38/40 mm and 42/44 mm Apple Watch size, and available in four colors: noir, blanc, gray and rose. The product is slated to drop in March 2021 for US$299.

Wristcam Camera Watch Band for Apple Watch

Additional Wristcam Band will also be available to buy for US$49. It looks like both the Wristcam and Wristcam Band can be pre-ordered now.

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If you want imaging on your Apple smartwatch, this may be the only solution. I don’t think Apple, or any smartwatch makers for that matter, will put camera(s) on their smartwatches because, you know, it is controversial. Speaking of which, privacy of Wristcam is covered by two bright LEDs that will let everyone know when the Wristcam is recording images.

Wristcam Camera Watch Band for Apple Watch

Images: Wristcam, Inc..

Source: PetaPixel.

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