Manly Bands DC Comics Wedding Bands

Green Lantern is going to be so green with envy when his fellow super friends also have rings that grand them a superpower that he does not have: marriage. Well, marriage without having to give up his superhero day job, that is. OK. That’s probably not true.

The likes of Wonder Woman, Superman, and even The Joker, are unlikely to rock the Manly Bands DC Comics Wedding Bands themed after them (except for The Joker cos’ you know, that is his thing). And yes, these are real rings money can buy.

Manly Bands DC Comics Wedding Bands

There are quite a few designs to choose from and it includes The Wonder Woman, The Superman, The Bruce Wayne (because he is RICH?), The Joker, The Flash, and The Aquaman.

Where Green Lantern Ring can shoot energy beams, enable him to fly, and you know, construct stuff out of green light energy, the Manly Bands DC Comics Wedding Bands give you, an ordinary being, the superpower to get married. Well, if only he/she says yes and also he/she is not bothered by the fact that her wedding band lacks the precious material that is measured in carats.

However, not rocking diamonds or diamonds does not mean these wedding rings are cheap. They are far from being cheap. Prices start at a modest US$595 and can run up to as much as US$2,395. Not surprisingly, the latter is the price tag of The Bruce Wayne variety because, ya know, his superpower as Batman is RICH. You can learn more about the individual rings HERE.

Manly Bands DC Comics Wedding Bands

Images: Manly Bands.

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