Immunity Boosting Tea by Dr. G. N. Lakshman

The world is still learning about the novel coronavirus. While we do not fully comprehend this new strain of coronavirus that ravages the world as we speak, one thing for sure is, boosting immunity is one way that will help.

That is, of course, in addition to the now-standard social distancing and wearing a face mask. Speaking of boosting immunity, the Internet is not lacking of recipes, but here’s one coming from an unlikely source: a luxury resort in Maldives.

The so-called immunity boosting tea was a creation of one Dr. G. N. Lakshman, an Aryuvedic doctor and wellness practitioner at Soneva Fushi on the small island nation best known for its resorts, Republic of Maldives.

His concoction, which has no name attached to it (yet), reportedly contains “tested antioxidants and natural antibiotics,” including turmeric, basil leaves and ginger.

Thankfully, you do not need to travel halfway round the world to have a go with said tea. Dr. G. N. Lakshman has actually shared the recipe with the world.

Though I find no information regarding this on Soneva Fushi official website. All we have is our source’s words. Anywho, we will let you be the judge. You can find the recipe and how to brew instructions HERE.

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Image and source: Luxury Launches.