Here’s a unique clock that literally measures time by Alex Fiel and Anna Lynton. Called Time Measure, aka Tape Measure Clock, this custom clock is mimics the look of an actual tape measure.

Time Measure Tape Measure Clock

Tape Measure Clock uses a combination of 3D-printed inner enclosure, a stepper motor, ball bearings, an Arduino Nano controller, and a bunch of electronics.

The result is a functional wall clock that visually striking. Though not necessary practical. I mean you literally have to get very close to the tape to see the time. At least that will be the case for an old man like me.

Time Measure Tape Measure Clock

Anywho, thanks to the generosity of the duo, collectively known as scaelux on Instructables, you can make one for yourself too by following scaelux’s instructions on Instructables. Meanwhile, you can see the Time Measure (Tape Measure Clock) in action in the video below.

Images: Instructables (scaelux).

Source: Technabob.

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