Regular people: show their passion for say, example, music, by hanging vintage musical instruments on the wall, possibly in the living. Super cool people: repurposed a brass tuba into a sink. What you see is exactly the latter, as posted by Redditor u/marc_urzz. Apparently that is his step-uncle’s bathroom. Man, u/marc_urzz, you do have a super cool step-uncle. You know what, u/marc_urzz? Lose the ‘step’. He’s cool and totally deserve an upgrade here.

The “cool” thing is not just the brass instrument as a basin (though that clearly is the star of this particular bathroom); it is also the overall setup that includes a brass mirror that looks like the remain of a bass drum (I could be wrong, though) and other matching brass hardware. It also super dope because of the fact that the lead pipe leading to the mouthpiece now doubles as a towel holder. Sweet. Now, that right there is a work of art. My only issue is, there will be quite bit of work when it comes to cleaning this brass tuba sink and maintaining the shine.

Apparently u/marc_urzz’s step-uncle is not the only one who thought of repurposing brass instrument into bathroom accessories; there is another person who turned three tenor horns into urinals (perfect for Jazz bars, I guess?). u/marc_urzz’s step-uncle bath should have at least a tenor horn as urinal for the complete look. Speaking of urinals, we are no stranger to seeing weird urinals, but this one here not only looks cool; it also requires cool dudes who, you know, possess certain level of bathroom marksmanship. If you know what I mean.

Three Tenor Horns Urinals

Images: u/marc_urzz/Technabob.

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Source: Technabob.

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