pour-over coffee made by hand is akin to stick shift in automobiles. it is a connoisseur thing. if you are like us who chooses manual over auto despite the fact that some auto cars are equally fast, if not faster, then we suppose, slow brewing for a hot caffeinated cuppa would be your, well, cuppa too. that’s if you happen to share the same passion for coffee. if so, you might be pretty dope about the Manual Coffeemaker No1. the Manual Coffeemaker No1, or MCM, is a slow dripper, which in essence, is the lowest tech you can imagine of a coffeemaker in a world surrounded by app-driven devices. it might be low-tech, but it is no less effective and it is also one heck of a rad looking coffee making contraption to ever grace any countertop.

Manual Coffeemaker No1

a hot cuppa is achieved by gradually pouring over a cone of freshly ground coffee, after which, it is just waiting for the hot cup of joe to realize, either in a carafe or your favorite mug. while you are waiting, you can take the time to be mesmerized by the enchanting fog from the hot steam, visible through the borosilicate glass, while a double-wall design locks in the brewing heat. rounding up the package is a bamboo base that not only adds style to the setup, but also serves as an insulation for the mug to minimize thermal loss. the MCM uses Hario-brand cone fitters which you can easily acquire from Amazon or at your local specialty coffee shop.

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if you think the Manual Coffeemaker No1 sounds more like a concept than a real deal product, well, you are almost right. in order for it to become a reality, its creator, Craighton Berman, needs you support, which you can do so by pledging $80 or more towards the product’s Kickstarter campaign.

Manual Coffeemaker No1

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