In the event of a fallout, your daily survival in the vault hundreds of feet beneath the wasteland is dependent on those canned stuff, or you could grow your own herbs, spices and vegetables for the added variety. While the Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden may not exactly enough for a fallout situation, it is should to supplement your home’s supply of fresh meat and stuff during peace time. Besides getting the satisfaction of growing your very own organic greens, Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden also makes for a neat home decor piece too. Just look at it. Tell me you are not impressed by the mini garden-on-the-desk concept.

Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden

The selling point of Veritable is, it is a complete system that takes care of everything on its own, including irrigation, lighting and nutrients required for the plants to flourish. Each Veritable comes equipped with adjustable height LED lighting, “optimized for plant growth” with automated day/night cycle to provide the greens with the right amount of artificial lighting for indoor environment. Veritable features four growing slots, optimized root oxygenation, and a three-week reservoir where the automated irrigation system draws the water from.

Going into each slot is a patented “Lingot” which is essentially a substrate block that contains the nutrients and seeds of the plant of your choosing. It is really that simple and probably the most elegant indoor, desktop garden we have seen thus far.

Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden

Interested? Well, then you have about six days to act on it. Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden is on the final week of its Kickstarter campaign, where you can still pre-order a kit for between €89-€126 (roughly US$94-$134), with delivery slated to happen sometime in April 2016.

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Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden

Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden

Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden

Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden

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  1. Interesting article about autonomous gardens. The trend seems to have crossed the Atlantic to reach France, and quite thoroughly too ! I bought Lilo for my stepsister, she’s in love with it already. Their website is worth checking out too :

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