If you always think you are the oddball, then why should your Christmas any less odd? Well, if that’s the case, a Banksy-inspired shredded Christmas Tree should be right up your odd alley. Unfortunately, though, you can’t get one unless you work your hands, but here’s one money-can-buy Christmas Tree that should be just as odd. Your eyes isn’t playing trick on you; it is indeed an upside down Christmas Tree, one that look straight out of the movie Upside Down.

Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree

Appropriately called Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree, this eyebrow-raising Christmas Tree by Christmas Tree specialist Treetopia is a playful take of the traditional tree that lends not just a visual spectacle to any living room, but also takes up less floor space. Moreover, with this unusual tree, you can now show off your prized ornaments right at the top, as opposed to the bottom. OK. The ornaments are still at the bottom, just that the bottom is now the top. Get it? Get it???

Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree

Another boon with Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree is, you will never have worry about tree topper because, it needs none. Tree features flame retardant, fully hinged branches, and its forest-green are of PVC needles and laid out in an alternating pattern to give it a fuller, life-like look. Finally, rounding up the package are hand-strung UL-approved lights with colored wires to match the foliage, an on/off foot pedal, and a premium green tree stand. I can’t help but to wonder, now that it is top heavy, how well does it balance? Just throwing it out there…

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If you are down for an inverted Christmas Tree, you can find Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree over at Amazon, going for $219.99.

Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree

Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree

Images: Treetopia.

Source: Dude.

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