Two years ago, someone rewrote the future when he made the iconic Big Mouth Billy Bass into a mouthpiece of Alexa. It was a hilarious hack which we thought it was the last of it. Other than Brian Kane, anyone who wishes for a singing animatronic fish that spits out Alexa’s response when prompted a question will have to hack a Billy Bass themselves. BUT that was then because, thanks to Gemmy Industries, you can now buy an Alexa compatible Big Mouth Billy Bass. Yep. You heard that right. The 90s icon is back, now Alexa-compatible.

Big Mouth Billy Bass with Amazon Alexa

In addition to belting out the good’ol classic Fishin’ Time, everyone’s favorite singing and talking fish can dance to the beat of Amazon Music, responds to Alexa voice commands, reacts to timers, alarms and notifications by moving its head and tail, and when you ask Alexa about the weather, news, or random facts, Big Mouth Billy Bass will lip syncs to Alexa’s responses. Well, I have to admit, the last one is a little on the creepy side.

Big Mouth Billy Bass with Amazon Alexa

But before you get all too excited about this high-tech Big Mouth Billy Bass, you ought to know that it can’t do the Alexa thing on its own; it is has to be paired, via Bluetooth, to a compatible Echo device. Anywho, this 2018 iteration of Big Mouth Billy Bass can be wall-mounted or displayed using the included the tabletop easel. What can I say folks? Big Mouth Billy Bass has outdone itself by taking the wackiness it is known for to the next level.

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You can find Alexa-compatible Big Mouth Billy Bass on Amazon, going for $39.99 a pop.

Big Mouth Billy Bass with Amazon Alexa

All images courtesy of Gemmy Industries.

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