Remastered MOTU Skeleton Figure by Madsaki

Well, what do you know? The most lovable (and most memed) villain from the Masters of the Universe has never popped this much. For this second collaboration with the renowned artist, Thanks to artist Madsaki who weaved his colorful magic, the Ultimate Evil of Eternia has never been brighter – like, quite literally.

Remastered MOTU Skeleton Figure by Madsaki

This one-of-the-kind art piece/collectible/toy figure stands at 11.8 inches (30 cm!) tall and is so bright that demands your full attention even when it is still inside the packaging – thanks to the Pop Art packaging.

God damn it. This is the kind of packaging that stops me from plucking out the content. Looks like I have to buy two sets now but wait, how much did you say it costs? Oh, 400 bucks? OK. Maybe I will pass.

But for those who appreciate this unique marriage of art and toy, this is really a worthy piece to own. That is, of course, if you have the financial muscle to flex. Otherwise, you can just join me and ogle at the images of it instead.

The Masters Remastered, Volume 2 Madsaki x MOTU Skeletor, as it is officially referred to, features the iconic villain in full, vivid Madsaki style, in a vivid neon color scheme, and spray-painted face.

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Remastered MOTU Skeleton Figure by Madsaki

It is an absolute darling to look at and I wish I can bear to part with 400 bucks for one. But alas, that’s not a priority at this point but for everyone who can afford it, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on where it will drop in 3 days’ time, on April 29, at 9 AM PT. The figure is a sculpture, btw, which means it is not poseable.

In addition to the psychedelic Skeletor, Mattel will be offering up two art prints in the ultimate 80s style of Madsaki and MOTU.

These two prints (based on his signature acrylic and aerosol on canvas style) feature the Masters in action with Madsaki’s signature colors and flair.

The first print is a classic action scene featuring He-Man and Man-At-Arms squaring off against Skeletor and Beast Man.

The second print shows Skeletor attacking He-Man with his special Terror Claws.

The art prints will go on sale on the same day as the Madsaki x MOTU Skeletor on April 29, 2022, at 9 AM PT.

Images: Mattel/Instagram (@madsaki).