Unless you are a dog whisperer, chances are you do not know what makes your canine friend happy. And no, wagging tail does not mean it is happy. As it turns out, there’s a difference between regular wagging and happy wagging. Not surprisingly, cos’ the science of dogs can be quite perplexing mostly. Anyways, the verdict is, it is not easy to know fido’s loves, but with this high-tech dog vest called Posting Tail, thing is set to change. The vest, created by Pedigree Spain in conjunction with advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi, comprises of two parts: a tail-worn gadget that packs accelerometer and the vest which has a camera installed towards the back and is loaded with a Raspberry Pi processor as well as 3G WiFi dongle for connectivity.

The tail sensor, which is able to differentiate between a normal wag and a happy tail wag, works in sync with the camera and when a happy wag is detected, the camera snaps the moment and automatically post it to your Facebook account (or your dog’s, if it has one). Naturally, some setup will be required, but still, it does take the work out of maintaining your pet’s Facebook by letting Fido’s ‘take control’, in a manner of speaking, of his or her own social media postings. As the camera snaps your best friend’s happy moments, the gadget also logs the GPS data, so you will also learn where are the places that make your dog the happiest. Basically, Posting Tail lets you know more about your dog, or at least learn what makes him or her happy.

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In a way, it is pretty groundbreaking development in pet care, something that has never been done before. That said, it does make it sounds like an April Fools’ Day joke, but as ridiculous as it may sound, it is not. Posting Tail is a real thing. It is not available for your taking, though, so hold your wallet right there. Apparently, only those lucky enough will get a shot in winning a week-long “trial” and that’s as close as you can get to actually owning this wonder vest.

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