Lasso Wine Bottle Holder holds up your wine with a ‘rope’

Lasso Wine Bottle Holder 544x488px
(credit: Peleg Design) Lasso Wine Bottle Holder | £19.95 |

i got to admit. i am totally obsessed with getting people to talked about things that i own and if i were a wine drinker, the Lasso Wine Bottle Holder designed by Shahar Peleg would be the accessory of choice. at the first glance, it appears to be able to magically suspend your wine bottle in the air with just a rope. of course, you and i know that this isn’t possible which is what makes this wine accessory an excellent conversational piece, not to mention it actually looks pretty good. the actual fact is, beneath part of this ‘rope’ is a chromed iron metal stand that does the holding up trick. adding to the realism, a real old rope continues off to the end of this lasso which you can move around to ‘prove’ to your guests that this is indeed a real rope or so they thought. very clever and for just £19.95, it is not an expensive way to give your favorite wine its much needed attention from your guests.
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