want splurge $5k on a bike? Budnitz bicycles are here for you

Paul Budnitz Bicycle No2 900x600px
(credit: Paul Budnitz) Paul Budnitz Bicycles | US$5,500.00 | budnitzbicycles.com

though i have no idea who Paul Budnitz is but i do know he has just introduced a pair of bicycles that capture our hearts. if beautiful high-end bicycles are what you are after, these pair of Paul Budnitz Bicycles, namely No.1 and No.2 should appeal to you. these bicycles feature Budnitz’s trademarked titanium alloy frame with split-tube cantilever frame, titanium half-crown fork, disc brakes and in place of the conventional gears and chains, it has Gates Carbon Belts. each of the frame is said to weigh a ridiculously light 3.3-lbs (1.5-kilograms) and the bicycle is offered in either the everyday commute variant (model No.1) or dirt-road happy variant (model No.2). both bicycles are available exclusively via Paul Budnitz Bicycles website for a cool sum of $5,500 each. hit past the jump for a few more look of both the No.1 and No.2.
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Paul Budnitz Bicycles via Freshness

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