Need a shelter for your unsanctioned archaeology expedition? Well, then the Shelter by Cinch may be just what you are looking for. Shelter by Cinch is basically a camping tarp, reimagined.

Shelter by Cinch The Camping Tarp

Reimagined how you ask? Unlike regular field tarp which requires a lot of hands and takes forever to set up, the Shelter by Cinch is a tarp hybrid that marries the best of what pro tarps have to offer but in an easy-to-carry and easy-to-setup package. The result is a pro tarp for everyone, including amateur archaeologists like you.

The Shelter is not quite a tent. It is a makeshift (but very cool-looking) shelter that lends a temporary roof over your head, offering you maximum shade and sun protection while maintaining airflow.

Shelter by Cinch The Camping Tarp

It takes just minutes to set up by a single person and is large enough for a group of people to chill out within. When packed down, everything from the shelter canvas to the half-moon entrance pole to the pegs is contained inside a handsome, easy-to-carry bag.

The tarp itself is made of poly-canvas 210T material featuring 3,000HH waterproofing and heat-sealed seams, 12 mm fiberglass pole, grade A steel poles, and coated Oxford 120D case combine to form the frame.

Shelter by Cinch The Camping Tarp

You can learn more about this awesome outdoor gear over at its Indiegogo campaign where you can also pre-order (it’s on a Flexible Goal campaign) a unit for US$239 and up. But you may want to hurry up because the US$239 price has just 5 units remaining at the time of this writing.

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This is not Cinch Outdoors’ first crowdfunding rodeo, btw. It already had two successful campaigns in the past.

Shelter by Cinch The Camping Tarp

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All images courtesy of Cinch Outdoors.

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