OEPLAY MusicStar5 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker

Let’s be honest. The world of Bluetooth speakers is boring. I mean, just look at the designs. They hardly get you excited, do they? But if they sounded good, you could perhaps give the mundane look a pass. However, there is a new kid on the wireless hi-fi speaker block that will do not intend to compromise the look and sound.

OEPLAY MusicStar5 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker

Folks, meet the OEPLAY MusicStar5 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker. As you can see, it adopts a less common spherical design, paired with an elegant trio of wooden legs. The spherical speaker is made of aluminum and finished in multi-layer hand-polished piano paint. Three screw threads on the speaker allow you to mount the included legs.

It promised studio-grade audio, i.e. sound the way the artiste intended, delivered through a custom-designed, high-performance 2.3” AMT tweeter instead of the usual dome tweeter and a 5.25” woofer, bolstered by a built-in amplifier with a rated 2x50W (2x80W max peak power). It has a frequency response of 33Hz-55kHz, which is also pretty unusual as well, and it has a max SPL of 102 dB.

OEPLAY MusicStar5 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker

You can play music wirelessly over Bluetooth (it has a BT v5.0 module) or load music via the USB-A port. A tiny flash drive is included with the package for you to do just that. Audiophiles will appreciate that the speaker supports lossless audio playback directly over USB. Supported audio formats include FLAC, APE, WAV, WMA, MP3, and AAC.

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Another interesting detail is that it has an external Bluetooth antenna, around the back alongside the power port and the USB-A port. I don’t believe I have come across any BT speaker that has an external antenna before.

OEPLAY MusicStar5 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker

Like many BT speakers, OEPLAY MusicStar5 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker can be paired with another MusicStar5 speaker for stereo sound. Each speaker comes with a unique remote that lets you access specific playlists at a press of a button.

All told, the speaker measures 38 cm in diameter (15 inches) without the tripod and stands 81 cm (32 inches) tall with the tripod. It is fairly lightweight, tipping the scales at 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs) without the tripod or 9.5 kilograms (20.9 lbs) with the tripod, making it easy to relocate around the house.

OEPLAY MusicStar5 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker

You can learn more about the new OEPLAY MusicStar5 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker on Indiegogo where you can also pledge for a unit for as low as US$449. The eventual retail price is US$899, btw.

The campaign is fully funded and all it is left to do is for OEPLAY to fulfill the promise of delivery in November 2022. However, this being a crowdfunding product, it does have its risks. So, do take note. 

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All images courtesy of OEPLAY.