there are personal safety protection devices out in the market that will send distress signals to your love one or emergency services, but nothing works like one that packs with pepper spray. however, law enforcement-grade pepper spray is not the only feature The Defender possesses. it is an all-in-one smart personal protection system that’s connected and packs other potential life-saving features like shrilling siren, GPS capability, digital camera and oscillating flash. the device connects to your Apple or Android smartphone via Bluetooth and in the event of an attack, a press of a button will trigger the pepper spray, blinding the assailant and at the same time, The Defender will snap a photo of the assailant with its built-in camera (located right below the pepper spray nozzle), activates the siren and the oscillating flash to get the attention of nearby people.

The Defender Smart Personal Protection

the captured image of the baddie, GPS coordinates and your distress call will be forwarded to The Defender 24/7 monitoring station through your smartphone and they will in turn notify the appropriate authority. apparently, the device not only sounds the siren, but the built-in speaker will also announce to the assailant that their photo and among other information have been sent to the authorities. but The Defender’s use is not limited to self defense; a second button can be used to send alert on a person’s medical situation, animal attack, or even in an auto accident.

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The Defender is available through its ongoing Indiegogo campaign where you can pre-order one for an early bird price of $159. each Defender comes with a year of 24/7 monitoring service. though it is worthy to note that, pepper spray is not legal in all localities such as, for example, in countries like Singapore and it cannot be shipped by Air, nor can it be carried onboard passenger airlines. just thought we should clear the air. keep going for a product video.

Indiegogo via Laughing Squid

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