Man, the rate of advancement in true wireless earbuds, or as the industry now calls it, true wireless sound (TWS) earphones, is phenomenal. There’s a single dynamic driver, dual dynamic drivers, and now, hybrid drivers.

The Linsoul KZ S1 Hybrid TWS Earphones is one such example of hybrid TWS. It combines the best of both worlds, i.e. a dynamic driver and a balanced armature.

Not having audition it means I can’t attest for the sound, but already, the prospect of having high-frequency BA coupled with dynamic driver is getting me pretty pumped. Not that most such headphones are lacking of high frequency….

Linsoul KZ S1 Hybrid TWS Earphones

Anywho, two models are available: KZ S1 and KZ S1D. The difference being, the ‘D’ model has a custom dynamic unit featuring a thin and light composite diaphragm, and supposedly has fuller mids and lows.

Other low downs include AAC codec support, Bluetooth 5.0, support Apple Siri, touch control on earbuds, support for low latency game mode and each earbud comes with 40 mAh battery good for 3 hours of playtime.

The modest battery life is supplemented by a 300 mAh battery in the charging case that touts up to 100 hours of standby time.

Linsoul KZ S1 Hybrid TWS Earphones

Not going to lie. It is not the prettiest TWS earphones out there, but we really can’t ask for the world when it cost somewhere in the region of $22-36, depending on where you pick it up from.

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Speaking of which, there are a few places where you can acquire the Linsoul KZ S1 Hybrid TWS Earphones. Linsoul Audio is selling for $35.99 on Amazon and oddly, at just $23.99 on its website (but last checked, it was ‘sold out’). Those comfortable with AliExpress, you can pick it up there for $21.01-24.01.

Images: Linsoul Audio.

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