In Japan, Moving Shadow Of Man Aims To Protect Women Living Alone

Remember how Kevin McCallister used Michael Jordan cutout and some mannequins to fool the would-be intruders? Well, it looks like Japanese property management company, Leo Palace 21, has lifted a page out of Home Alone (1990, Twentieth Century Fox) and did something similar with the aim to make women living alone in Tokyo feel safer. […]

In China, There Are Face Masks That Will Prevent Others From Unlocking Your iPhone X When You Sleep

While futuristic, the biggest security concern of the newly announced iPhone X would be the face recognition technology. Apple claimed that the face recognition technology employed on the anniversary iPhone is ‘robust’, but when questioned about the ‘what if’ scenario whereby a user is hypothetically being force by a perpetrator to unlock it, Apple’s SVP, […]

[Editorial] Why The Cybersecurity Industry Is Red Hot Now

Once-upon-a-time, all we had to worry about were the kind of computer security threats that could be swiftly taken care of with a good antivirus and anti-malware application. But today, cyber threats have moved into the big league, and they can take down entire companies, hold governments to ransom, swing elections results, ruin a nation’s […]

Meet Globio, A Home And Personal Security Suite Powered By Potato

When it comes to basic home security components like motion and vibration sensors, power is the main concern. Permanent power like cabling is a hassle and expensive, and that’s not to mention it is at the mercy of power cuts. Sure, you can always opt for battery-powered alternatives, but the battery life is far from […]

Click Your Heels and Dorothy Will Text Your Friends, Call Your Phone, or Summon an Uber

Up till now, wearable tech is mostly limited to wrist-worn devices, or sometimes over the neck. But Dorothy here is different. It is a wearable piece of tech designed to clip to your shoes and from the demo video, it looks like it has ladies in mind rather than men cos’ men don’t take Uber […]

React Sidekick Sends A Distress Signal To Your Friends At A Press Of A Button

there are smartphone apps that let you send a distress call when you are in trouble, but those involves a rather lengthy process, including pulling out your phone, unlocking it and lunching the app. obviously in a real emergencies, you won’t have time for that. this is where React Mobile‘s React Sidekick comes in. React […]

The Defender Connects To Your Smartphone, Snaps An Image As You Pepper Spray The Assailant

there are personal safety protection devices out in the market that will send distress signals to your love one or emergency services, but nothing works like one that packs with pepper spray. however, law enforcement-grade pepper spray is not the only feature The Defender possesses. it is an all-in-one smart personal protection system that’s connected […]

spotNsave Personal Security Device

whether you are residing in an area where personal security is a big issue, or you are just being paranoia about your personal safety when you are out and about, the spotNsave Personal Security Device is here to give a peace of mind. this is not science friction and therefore it won’t help in repelling assailants

Armored BMW Concept X5 Security Plus

there are a lot folks with pots of gold out there who are in constant paranoia about their personal safety whilst traveling in a vehicle and this give raise to the demand for aftermarket armored vehicles. rather than sending your precious ride to be stripped and transformed into an armored cocoon, BMW has one that