whether you are residing in an area where personal security is a big issue, or you are just being paranoia about your personal safety when you are out and about, the spotNsave Personal Security Device is here to give a peace of mind. this is not science friction and therefore it won’t help in repelling assailants, but it will however, let you send out SOS at a click of a button. the setup consists of two parts: a Bluetooth wristband with a SOS button and an emergency app on your smartphone. riding on your smartphone’s GPS feature, the app is able to send location information to your guardian angel network and also displays your current location on Google map. the app and the hardware is connected via Bluetooth and in the event of an unfortunate mishap, or if someone attacks you, all you need to do is to click the button on the wristband or double click the power button of your smartphone to fire off the distress signal.

once the device is triggered, SOS alert will be sent to your guardian angels, along with your location every two minutes until the call for help is canceled. your guardian angel will also receive the fastest route from his or her location to your location, with turn-by-turn driving direction so that he or she can reach you in the shortest possible time. the app allows you to nominate up to five guardian angels and in the case of kidnap or similar situations (hmm, what else it could be?), your guardian angels can also track your whereabout in real time, thereby allowing them to track you down even if you are on the move. additionally, the app will automatically send out notification to your guardian angels if your smartphone’s battery is running low or you leave the network coverage, plus it will also log the location history to facilitate a more targeted search and rescue work, rather then going about on a wild goose chase.

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the device and what the app are capable of may sounds a little “over reacting” but it is all in the name of personal safety. however, as useful and even life-saving spotNsave Personal Security Device might be, it will no doubt invite controversial debate over personal privacy such as if one is comfortable with being tracked and then there’s the looming question of accidental triggering of the one-click SOS button. but thankfully, the tracking functionality is presumably only available to your guardian angels after you have sent out the SOS alert and the wristband is design with a button that is flushed with the rest of the band to minimize accidental clicking. the app, dubbed the spotNsave Feel Secure app is free, while the hardware can be purchased for $27.99.

at the time of this writing, the spotNsave Personal Security Device only supports Android device, but it will be available to iOS, as well as Windows mobile devices in due course. check out a self-explanatory video below to learn more.

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