One of the main group of users of flashlight, AKA torch light, would be campers and thus, having a flashlight that’s capable of setting fire in the wild is not exactly the brightest idea, but that doesn’t stop Wicked Lasers from coming out with one. That’s a flashlight that can literally start a fire, btw. Called Flash Torch Mini, this high-efficiency reflector-equipped flashlight boasts up to 2,300 lumens produced by a lone halogen bulb and it is so hot that it can literally lights thing up. So, how hot are we talking about? How about cook eggs hot and melt plastic hot? Yep. That’s right. It is hot enough to cook eggs and cause pretty ugly destruction to plastics as demoed here:

That’s absolutely insane!

And it is EXTREMELY bright too, so when it is not use to start fires (not recommended, btw), it can light up even the darkest of the forest. But be careful not to hold it at close proximity to dry bushes because it can and will start a bush fire and you don’t want that. You have been warned. Wait, why do we have a feeling that park rangers will want to have this as part of the “things not to bring to our park” list?

Wicked Lasers Flash Torch Mini
Melts plastic. ’nuff said

Obviously, Flash Torch Mini is as awesome as it is dangerous and it shouldn’t be in the wrong hands like, you know, knocks and bumps which could have a hand on accidentally switching it on and setting your backpack ablaze. Luckily, Wicked Lasers has that covered with a “smart switch” to prevent it from accidental switching on and there are two other non-fire starting modes too, so you can use as a regular light and not as weapon of destruction, wait, I mean ‘not as a flood light’. Actually, on the bright side, it could be a handy survival tool too for getting a fire going if you have the right fuel such as, for example, papers.

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Wicked Lasers Flash Torch Mini is available via Wicked Lasers’ web store, priced at $199.

Wicked Lasers Flash Torch Mini
(L) LED Maglite; (R) Flash Torch Mini on High mode

Images: Wicked Lasers/screengrab from YouTube video.

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