Hyper Pet HyperDog Ball Launchers

Hyper Pet HyperDog Ball Launchers
Hyper Pet HyperDog Ball Launchers | from US$14.99 | www.hyper-pet.com

we love dogs. they keep us company, entertained and help keep unwanted visitors out of our ground. they always carry out their duties without fail and complain (oh wait, they can’t complain, can they?), so it is time that we do something for them. no. not the dog glooming sessions. by something we mean something that would keep them occupied without bugging us for a minute or so. so we play fetch. we throw something and the dog brings it back but that usually ended not quite as we have imagined: the dog is back before you know it and sometimes, with the ball so slimy that we wouldn’t want to touch it. besides, if you have weak joints, you might just end up dislocating your arms while hurling the ball with all your might, trying to throw it further to buy you some time. this is the situation that calls for the HyperDog Ball Launchers, a super-sized slingshot designed to launch tennis ball up to 200 feet away, giving you enough time to catch a breath or two before your lovely pooch brings in back. a holder sits beneath the slingshot that holds up to four tennis balls, ready to be slung and shot and when the ball is back, the holder let you execute a swift handsfree pick up of the slime-covered green ball. so you get it now? longer distance and keep your hands from the slime, while still keeping your dog healthy and fetch-happy. available in 4-ball, 2-ball, Mini 2-ball and single ball launcher, from $14.99 and up.

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