Upper Playground x Chrome Industries Citizen Messenger Bag

Bay Area-based apparel brand, Upper Playground, has teamed up with Portland bag maker Chrome Industries to release a special limited edition messenger bag to celebrate the label’s 20th anniversary.

The limited edition Upper Playground x Chrome Industries Citizen Messenger Bag is handmade by Chrome Industries at its facilities in Chicago and San Francisco.

Upper Playground x Chrome Industries Citizen Messenger Bag

Each bag features a custom tarp liner printed with Upper Playground’s 20th anniversary logo pattern, a 20th anniversary patch, and an inside panel with “Fowl Mood” owl wallpaper by SF-based artists and illustrator, Jeremy Fish. The latter is a throwback to Chrome Industries’ 2009 Artist Series bags with Upper Playground by Jeremy Fish and Sam Flores.

Upper Playground x Chrome Industries Citizen Messenger Bag sells for $180 a pop, but the thing is, only 20 pieces are up for grab. What makes it more collectible is, you can’t simply go in and pick up one.

It is only available through an online lottery through Chrome Hubs and UP stores. To learn more on how you get the chance to acquire this beautiful messenger bag, hit up either Chrome Industries web page HERE or Upper Playground web page HERE.

You can also choose to visit brick and mortar stores to get yourself signed up for the lottery at the following locations:

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Chrome Hub locations:
Chrome Portland: 425 SW 10th Ave.
Chrome San Francisco: 962 Valencia St.
Chrome Chicago: 1529 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chrome Brooklyn: 76 N 4th St.
Chrome Soho: 238 Mulberry St.

Upper Playground Store locations:
Upper Playground San Francisco: 220 Fillmore Street
Upper Playground Portland: 23 NW 5th Ave.

The Chrome x Upper Playground lottery runs between November 6, 12:00AM and November 13, 11:59PM.

Winners will be notified via email by November 15, 2019, upon which the winners will have 48 hours to purchase the limited edition bag at $180.

In the event any winner failed to buy the item within the stipulated time, Chrome and Upper Playground will proceed to pick another lucky winner. So, if you have signed up, make sure you check your email on November 15.

All images courtesy of Upper Playground.

Submitted via TIP US Page.