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battery life has always plague our otherwise blissful gadget life but we managed counter such short fall (or our overly demanding usage) with portable chargers. good idea but not as perfect if you have a host of mobile devices to juice up and there’s a limit to how many portable chargers you can carry with you. speaking of carrying, the Powerbag overcomes the too many chargers woe by offering a bag that not only holds your mobile gadgets but also charging them while the devices are chilling out in the bag. the Powerbag is available in the backpack, messenger bag and brief case form and each bag features a built-in and removable battery along with charging cables, ready to charge your devices while you are on the go. an extra USB port (yes, USB port on a bag) is made available for user to plug in an extra charging cable. depending which model you chose, the battery capacity ranges from 3,000 mAh to 9,000 mAh, and since it is removable, you can swap for higher capacity battery or have a couple of the batteries readied in the bag if you plan to have a long day out. the Powerbag is probably a dream come true for multiple mobile gadgets users and for once, you can forget about hunting for an outlet whenever your gadgets run low on juices. the Powerbag price ranges from $139.99 and run up to $249.99. hit past the jump for larger views.

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