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HEX Regimental Collection Is A Perfect Mix Of Urban Utility And Rugged Feel

HEX brand has a new line of bags that bears the perfect mix of urban utility and rugged feel. Called HEX Regimental Rugged Quilted Camo Bag Collection, it consists of 15 pieces of bags and sleeves each boasting a water-resistant, nylon in camo print, fabric lined and quilted. I will be honest here. It is hard to imagine quilted design with camo design, mostly because quilted is usually associated with luxury and sophistication while camo points toward ruggedness. However, from the looks of it, HEX may have pulled it off nicely. Don’t believe? Just take a look at the product images available with this post, touch your heart and tell us they are not. Continue reading HEX Regimental Collection Is A Perfect Mix Of Urban Utility And Rugged Feel

Mexxenger Is An Expressive Bag, Comes With Wireless Charging As An Option

Wireless charging on-the-go is just about as crazy as it sounds, or so we thought. If you think it is not possible, well, I guess you and I are both wrong because there’s a new bag, messenger bag to be exact, in town that actually has a pocket which charges your Qi wireless charging compatible smartphones. We are not sure how it works to ensure wireless charging aren’t periodically disconnect, but in case it fails, there is always the USB route. Pretty neat, eh? Called Mexxenger (note: not a type, btw), it is just about as high-tech as it says it is. Apart from wireless charging, it has a non-critical-to-a-bag use but yet interesting enough feature called Smart Badges. Continue reading Mexxenger Is An Expressive Bag, Comes With Wireless Charging As An Option

Black Ember Modular Backpacks: Bags For Work, Play And Adventure

There are backpacks and there is the modular backpack, such as this one from Black Ember that looks a little unconventional. Modularity in bags is not new, but one look at the Black Ember Modular Backpacks, you know they are not your run-of-the-mill bags; it is cool as it is functional, and it is, of course, modular. Being modular and weatherproof, it means it is the one back that sees you through your 9-5, five-day work week and also, the days when you are off, out and about exploring the remote corner of the city, the great wilderness, or even when you hit up your local gym to pump some irons. Created by a team of industrial designers and product developers, the bags are a culmination of over 60 years of experiences in designing and turning out performance soft- and hard goods, and technical equipment, and the results pretty much speaks for themselves. Continue reading Black Ember Modular Backpacks: Bags For Work, Play And Adventure

Like Jekyll and Hyde, Gnome & Bow’s Jekyll’s Hyde Bags Have Dual Personality Too

Unlike women, men don’t have shoes problem, well, mostly, but we do have problem with one too many bags and if you have had enough, maybe it is trim time. Which means doing the unthinkable: stop buying bags and possibly sending your less loved collection to Salvation Army. But how do you maintain the versatility with a limited stockpile of bags? Simple. The answer lies in Book II: Jekyll’s Hyde Bags by Singapore-based Gnome & Bow. Like the collection’s name implies, these bags, which ranges from clutch to messenger bag to backpack, has dual character, just like Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Continue reading Like Jekyll and Hyde, Gnome & Bow’s Jekyll’s Hyde Bags Have Dual Personality Too

Booq Boa nerve Messenger Bag

for those who cycle to work, the Booq Boa nerve Messenger Bag is designed specifically with you in mind. described as an “all-out messenger bag”, the Booq Boa nerve Messenger Bag features a tough water-repellent 1680 denier ballistic nylon exterior and rubberized bottom for durability, and has an interior akin to a magician’s hat. which means, this messenger can pretty much swallow up anything you need when you hit the road. kicking of the series of pockets in and outside the bag is a densely padded laptop compartment with velcro closure that takes up to a 15-inch laptop and a main compartment that could fit larger items such as your sneakers or thick bounded book. also located on the inside is a trio of flapped pockets with velcro closure, one large zipper pocket, and pockets for mouse and iPad (sans the case, of course). Continue reading Booq Boa nerve Messenger Bag

The Chivote Boombox Bag

bag is one of those things that you can pick up at virtually any shopping malls, but therein lies the problem. at some point, we find ourselves amassing a huge collection of bags, each serving different purpose and for different occasions, which needless to say, is a needless spending and also clutters our home. this is where The Chivote Boombox Bag aims to solve – by having one bag that serves four styles so that you can have three less bags in your life. drawing design inspiration from a boombox (hence the slight resemblance and the namesake, and no, it is not a bag to stuff your beloved boombox in), The Chivote Boombox Bag offers four ways of carrying it: as a messenger for quick access to your belongings, as a backpack for times when you need to free up both of your hands (such as riding a bike), a briefcase for you black-suit-and-tie occasions (such as work), and a clutch, albeit a little on the large size, for any other time and occasions. Continue reading The Chivote Boombox Bag

Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags

Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags
Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags | from US$44.95 | www.bluelounge.com

black is not always the new black in town. it might be for gadgets but for the bags that those gadgets are stashed in, sometime a little more adventurous color such as Rust could be pretty sleek too. meet the Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags. it is still the same Eco-Friendly Bags made out of 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles that result in a soft matte finish fabric that is not only friendly to your gadgets but naturally, earth-friendly. features include chocolate brown straps that goes really well with the new Rust color Continue reading Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags

Marshall Power Amp Laptop Bag

Marshall Power Amp Laptop Bag
Marshall Power Amp Laptop Bag | US$49.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

before the digital media revolution, a musician is often seen as one with a guitar on one shoulder and a guitar amp on the other. obviously, things have changed quite a bit since cos’ laptops have become the tool of choice for both amateur and professional musicians. but you don’t need to sacrifice that old school musician look, which you can accomplish with the Marshall Power Amp Laptop Bag. styled after the a vintage Marshall guitar amplifier, it features a silk screened pattern on the front, water resistant polyurethane and canvas construction Continue reading Marshall Power Amp Laptop Bag

Incase Range Collection

Incase Range Collection
Incase Range Bag Collection | from US$29.95 | www.goincase.com

what’s the worst thing that could happen when you are out cycling in the great wilderness? a sudden downpour of rain, that’s what. not only will you get completely drenched but the stuff that packed into your backpack could be at risk too. it’s ok if we only have clothes in it but it is not. these days, we packed in gadgets such as laptop, tablet and smartphone into it, and hence, water is the last thing you want those gadgets to come into contact with. the Incase Range Collection is a cyclist-centric bag collection that features a durable twill construction with weather-resistant coating that should keep your belongings nice and dry in the event of such wet condition. Continue reading Incase Range Collection

Powerbag – gadgets-charging bags

(photos: Powerbag) Powerbag | from US$139.99 | www.mypowerbag.com

battery life has always plague our otherwise blissful gadget life but we managed counter such short fall (or our overly demanding usage) with portable chargers. good idea but not as perfect if you have a host of mobile devices to juice up and there’s a limit to how many portable chargers you can carry with you. speaking of carrying, the Powerbag overcomes the too many chargers woe by offering a bag that not only holds your mobile gadgets but also charging them while the devices are chilling out in the bag. the Powerbag is available in the backpack, messenger bag and brief case form and each bag features a built-in and removable battery along with charging cables, ready to charge your devices while you are on the go. Continue reading Powerbag – gadgets-charging bags