Wireless charging on-the-go is just about as crazy as it sounds, or so we thought. If you think it is not possible, well, I guess you and I are both wrong because there’s a new bag, messenger bag to be exact, in town that actually has a pocket which charges your Qi wireless charging compatible smartphones. We are not sure how it works to ensure wireless charging aren’t periodically disconnect, but in case it fails, there is always the USB route. Pretty neat, eh? Called Mexxenger (note: not a type, btw), it is just about as high-tech as it says it is. Apart from wireless charging, it has a non-critical-to-a-bag use but yet interesting enough feature called Smart Badges.

Mexxenger High-tech Modular Messenger Bag by PAIX Design

Smart Badges attach to the bag with the help of a magnet and it supports a series of badges, each with its own dedicated function as conceived by PAIX Design, the company behind Mexxenger. The badges include a Smart Display that has a customizable LED display for you to create your own emoji. It can also serve as a bike light and turn indicator for cyclists, and it can even act as a security notification to alert you when you bag is too far away from your smartphone. There is also a Life Camera badges which is essentially an action camera designed to go on the chest mount strap, and finally, there is a mood torch which, well, serves as a flash light.

Mexxenger High-tech Modular Messenger Bag by PAIX Design

In addition to those fancy high-tech bits, Mexxenger also boasts an interchangeable inner-padding. At this point two types of inner padding are available: one specifically for camera (and camera drone) and a waterproof for those who are looking to hit the wilderness. The waterproof inner padding can also doubles as a handy drink cooler. Just drop some ice and your preferred can or bottled drinks in it and voila, an easy-to-carry cooler. Speaking of bottle drinks, Mexxenger also comes equipped with a metal buckle that can pop open a cold one.

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Mexxenger High-tech Modular Messenger Bag by PAIX Design

Other worthy mentions include an windsurfing sails fabric for the exterior, water resistant zippers, recycled PET fabric for the interior, repurposed bike tire for the bottom, reflective stripe, direct access zipper to the main compartment, a fully padded laptop pocket for up to 15-inch portable, a flat-open design that allows for quick organization and easy access to all your belongings, quick adjustment strap and innovative magnetic strap latch, suitcase strap/slot for sliding onto your luggage, plus a myriad of pockets for smaller stuff and EDC.

Mexxenger High-tech Modular Messenger Bag by PAIX Design is on Kickstarter where for a pledge of $159 or more, you will secure yourself one. The campaign is already funded, so your pledge is as good as a pre-order slated for December 2017 delivery.

Mexxenger High-tech Modular Messenger Bag by PAIX Design

Mexxenger High-tech Modular Messenger Bag by PAIX Design

Images courtesy of PAIX Design.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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