If you are looking for a pair of headphones that delivers and at the same, hefty with style, then you can probably count on Phiaton. Phiaton is no stranger in award-winning headphones and while the new Phiaton BT 390 Foldable Bluetooth HeadphonesPhiaton BT 390 Foldable Bluetooth Headphones did not get an award (yet), it is no less stylish. Designed for travelers and commuters alike, it features Bluetooth 4.1 for a frustration-free music enjoyment, an easy-to-carry design for on-the-road use and quality wireless audio with an impressive battery life of 30 hours of music playback, non-stop. Sound delivery is via 40 mm drivers with emphasis on high-frequency clarity while oversized neodymium magnets promised “rich, commanding bass.”

Phiaton BT 390 Foldable Bluetooth Headphones For Travelers

Other key features include padded ear and head pads for extended use without sacrificing comfort, a fold-and-go design for easy storage and transit, multipoint technology that allows for connection with any two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously, Everplay-X technology to keep music going even when the battery conks out or the audio source is not Bluetooth compatible (read: the wired way), and finally, multifunction buttons and a built-in microphone, conveniently located on the earcups affords wireless control of music and phone calls.

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The only thing it lacks here is the awesome cool touch-interface controls found on the obviously higher-end BT 460 on-ear audio cans, but seriously, with a modest asking price of just Phiaton BT 390 Foldable Bluetooth Headphones79 bucks a pair, one can’t really ask for the world, can we? Available on Amazon as we speak, in choice of black or white colorway.

Phiaton BT 390 Foldable Bluetooth Headphones For Travelers

Phiaton BT 390 Foldable Bluetooth Headphones For Travelers

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