Playstation 4 Dragon Quest Metallic Slime Edition

as far aesthetic is concern, we didn’t think there is anything wrong with the Playstation 4 but even so, occasional color tweaks are still welcomed, which you can get through custom skins such as those from Balolo or have a custom paint job done by Colorware or simply wait for some special editions to hit the market. speaking of special edition, Playstation home market, Japan will soon be getting a delightful Dragon Quest Metallic Slime Edition that sees the next-gen game console, including the lone bundled controller, getting a coat of metallic silver paint job and decorated with the super adorable Dragon Quest Slime image from the series, plus a Metal Slime ‘dripping’ over the edge of the console. the Metal Slime here may not be everyone’s taste but fortunately, it is totally removable and is used to protect the USB ports.

the special edition console was announced in celebration of the release of Dragon Quest Heroes, the latest of an apparently super huge hit series in Japan (a Dynasty Warriors-style action game), and the first time the franchise lands on Playstation platforms in a long while. the Playstation 4 Dragon Quest Metallic Slime Edition isn’t the first special edition turned out by Sony Computer Entertainment and it certainly won’t be the last, especially since special editions are proven methods of keeping the hardware alive and possibly keeps Sony leading in the game console race. that said, while Playstation 4 is doing pretty well in general, the same can’t be said about its home market, which some cited as the lack of titles that appeal to the local consumers and hence, you can expect more Japan-exclusive PS4 to surface every now and then.

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the Playstation 4 Dragon Quest Metallic Slime Edition is slated to hit the Japan market sometime in the early part of next year – possibly during the same time with the official release of Dragon Quest Heroes. price is, of course, yet to be announced. keep going for a Dragon Quest Heroes trailer.

Playstation [JP] via The Verge