we may worship gadgets, but we often lament why they have to be in plastic or at best, metal. you know, that kind of sticks out like a sore thumb in a rustic decor. there were wood boxed TV sets and why not gadgets like, say, Playstation 4 now? apparently, we are not the only ones thinking along this line. Germany-based purveyor of wood crafted accessories, Balolo, has ponder over this too and took action, and the result? the uber cool Balolo Genuine Wood Cover For Playstation 4. we are going to ignore cooling issue for now and savor what the German firm has to offer.

bagging the title of the world’s first and only wooden cover for PS4, each Balolo is precision cut in Germany and measures an astounding thin 0.7mm. to put that in perspective, that’s about a few sheets of copy paper put together. there are four types of natural wood to choose from, namely bamboo, cherry, walnut and zebra, and you have the option to go for different wood type for the top and bottom. the Balolo Genuine Wood Cover For Playstation 4 is available as DIY kit which you can apply to your existing PS4, or you can grab a spanking new rig with the wood pre-applied too.

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apparently, this is a pretty hot product (seriously, why wouldn’t it be?), so expect a delivery time of 14-21 days and also, be prepared to shell out €149.90, or about US$207, for the DIY kit. definitely not cheap, but how else would you make a sophisticated piece of equipment look like decor piece from the 60s?

Balolo Genuine Wood Cover For Playstation 4

Balolo Genuine Wood Cover For Playstation 4

Balolo via Cool Material

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