Joby roll out two new stands designed for iPad 2 [photos]

Joby GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad 2 900x800px
GorillaMobile Ori and Yogi for iPad 2 | from €39,95 |

we just can’t enough of accessories for our Apple products, don’t we? if you are in the market for a stand for your iPad 2, well, here’s the good news: Joby, designer and maker of the odd but famous Gorilla stand is back with two new stands for iPad 2. the first stand, dubbed the GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad 2 sport a pair of legs formed by the familiar Gorilla leg joints that are capable being bent and rotated like a pro Yoga master.
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of course, Yogi isn’t new as it has already make its appearance for the original iPad but still, it is worthy of mention. in case you have not heard, because of its cool (and odd-looking) leg joints, it is able to prop up your iPad on your lap or any uneven surface easily and you can even hang it up to any horizontal poles if you wish to. in a nutshell, it promised to bless your iPad 2 “with infinite poses.”

the second item, dubbed the Ori for iPad 2, is an origami-inspired stand constructed from super-strong, lightweight aluminum composite. the Ori features a quick swivel mechanism that enables swift switch from portrait to landscape orientation and vice versa. both stands feature integrated case to hold your iPad 2 in place and offers some form of protection against knocks and bumps while on the road. check out more images of Yogi and Ori after the break.

the Joby GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad 2 retails €39,95 (about US$57) while the Ori will set you back at €69,95 (about US$100). both stands are available now from Joby web store.

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