Xbox X Series Video Game Console

As the tech world is trying to make sense of the weird look of the PlayStation 5 development kit, Microsoft Xbox made a surprise unveiling of its next-generation video game console called Xbox Series X.

Not going to lie. The design looks pretty exciting. It is unlike any console the world has ever seen. It is presented as a vertical, rectangular block, much like a tower PC. It is almost featureless, save for a disc slot, an eject button, and a logo on the top right of the console doubles as a power button.

It may have a tower form factor, but it can be placed horizontally too. So, it is not quite TV cabinet unfriendly, so to speak, which is a good thing.

Xbox X Series Video Game Console

Xbox Series X will be able to handle 4K resolution at 60 fps, “with possibility of up to 120 fps,” and it further boasts hardware-accelerated ray tracing, variable refresh rate, and wait for it… 8K capability.

Under the skin it is rocking an Xbox Series X GPU and next-gen SSD that “will virtually eliminate load times.” There’s backward compatibility too, so you can continue to enjoy titles from across four generations of Xbox.

As for the controller, it is worthy to note that it will tout a Share button for sharing screenshots and game footage.

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Beyond those, there are not a lot of details to go around. Then again, it is still early because, the Xbox X Series will only arrive for Holiday 2020.

Images: Xbox.