Table Tennis stars do not share the glitz and glamor like tennis stars do, but that does not mean you shouldn’t train hard to reach for your dream as a pro Table Tennis player. Having said that, if you want to be good, you ought to practice very often, but the problem is, you can’t do so without a partner. Enters Joola Infinity, a smart table Tennis robot designed to be your perfect ping-pong training partner.

Joola Infinity Smart Table Tennis Robot

Granted that it may not be as sophisticate as the Omron FORPHEUS table tennis tutor, it is a robot you can own without parting with an arm or a leg. Also, unlike FORPHEUS, it requires no complex setup and won’t make your Table Tennis table looked like it has been invaded by the alien from War of the Worlds. Here’s the gist of what Joola Infinity Smart Table Tennis Robot has to offer:

“The JOOLA Infinity Smart Robot emulates the perfect ping-pong training partner with its completely customizable settings for spin, frequency, speed, and trajectory. The Infinity Robot will be able to produce topspin, underspin, side spin and no spin while shooting with a frequency range of 30 to 100 balls per minute at varying speeds that can match even the highest caliber of players. You can also emulate any shot on the table since the Infinity Robot can seamlessly oscillate 150 degrees side-to-side and create ball trajectories of 30 degrees downwards to 50 degrees upwards.”

Joola Infinity Smart Table Tennis Robot

Furthermore, it is app-enabled, allowing you to select pre-programmed drills on your mobile phone. The drills will coach you on the fundamentals of Table Tennis like receiving serves, loops, pushes, and lobs. Plus, Joola plans to tap on its extensive network of world-ranked players and coaches to create regularly updated content for the app, so you will learn from the best.

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Obviously, Table Tennis training robot is not new, but as mentioned, Joola’s offering will not break your bank. It will sell for under a thousand. Even better, if you pre-order it now on Kickstarter, you will be able to secure it at 50 percent discount, at just $499. But there’s a catch here.

The campaign has just 11 days to go and in order for you to secure a unit for $499, the campaign has to meet its set funding goal of $50K which has yet to achieve. So if you want one, back the campaign and keep your fingers cross that other like-minded people step forward to contribute to make it a reality.

All images courtesy of Joola.

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