Joola Infinity: An App-enabled Smart Table Tennis Robot That Won’t Break The Bank

Table Tennis stars do not share the glitz and glamor like tennis stars do, but that does not mean you shouldn’t train hard to reach for your dream as a pro Table Tennis player. Having said that, if you want to be good, you ought to practice very often, but the problem is, you can’t […]

Need Some Luxury Stocking Stuffers? Well, Louis Vuitton Have You Covered

When we talked about stocking stuffers, we think cheap products, but in this world of varied social status and financial standing, you can’t really expect everyone to be shoving gifts that cost just a dollar not stockings. That will be very unbecoming for, say, a million. Well, fret not millionaires. Your reputation are covered because, […]

In Future, Even Sporting Coaches’ Job May Not Be Safe From Robots’ Take Over

Sci-fi movies and novels have almost describe a future where robots replacing humans in a variety of jobs, if not taking over the world entirely. Some people people are skeptical that will actually happen, arguing that there are some jobs that no robots can do. But is it, really? Because a Japanese company, OMRON Corporation, […]

Mikiya Kobayashi’s Brass-infused Ping Pong Table Is Classy As [email protected]*k

Not everyone fancy a less popular sport like Ping Pong, AKA table tennis, which naturally makes owning a ping pong table something of a connoisseur thing. But, but… not if the table tennis table is one from Masterwal called UA1, designed by 36-year-old Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi. Using a combination of brass, natural walnut wood […]

These Cute Moustache and Lips Ping Pong Paddles Comes with Silence and Uncrushable Balls

Remember the super cool, doodlable coffee/ping pong coffee table hybrid? What’s the use of it when you don’t a couple of paddles to go with it, right? So here’s a pair made by the same folks, Huzi Design, to finally put that table to good use and it comes complete with balls that are silence […]