Probably not contend with just having its Chroma in electric cars, Razer has stepped up its game with a cross platform partnership with China electric car maker, NIO. If you recalled, NIO is the electric car maker that makes electric SUV that costs half of Tesla X. However, we can’t say the same to the newer NIO models, including this just revealed collaborative car with Razer called NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition. You are looking at a pretty wallet-crunching 467,800 yuan (or about US$67,405).

NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition

The price is not the only caveat; only 88 units are being made available and perhaps the biggest and cruelest caveat to geeks is, it is only be available in China. But good news for geeks with too much money and who lives in China, the NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition will be a geek dream come true on wheels. The NIO x Razer SUV boasts prominent Razer branding, by the way of neon green Razer brand name and logo with appropriate (and if may say, tasteful) matching accents that should reinforce your allegiance to the gaming lifestyle company. And then there’s, of course, Razer Chroma, along with Hue Lights and THX Spatial Audio because, why the hell not?

Also, did we mention that it has neon green brake calipers as well? Yup. It sure does. Beyond the visual treat, the NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition is not shabby at all as an electric SUV, albeit nothing out of the ordinary as far as an ES6 is concerned. It is armed with an electric drive, comprising of a 160 kW high-efficiency PM motor and a 240 kW high-performance IM motor, producing 537 HP.

NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition

The power is put to good use on all four wheels and enable it to make the century sprint (62 mph) in a swift 4.7 seconds. The price of 467,800 yuan is, btw, still 30,200 yuan cheaper than the NIO ES6 Premier Edition.

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NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition made its debut at the 2019 ChinaJoy (August 02-05, 2019) at the Razer booth and it is the official car of the Razer Esports team during this exhibition.

The NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition is available to buy in China as we speak. Though, we are skeptical that if any of the 88 units is still available at this point.

NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition

Images: NIO.

Source: Engadget.

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