Split Wheel Motorcycle by Bikes and Beards

Remember The Q’s custom bike with a split rear wheel? Well, someone did the same with a motorcycle. I know right. It sounds almost too crazy and it is but the folks over at YouTube channel Bikes and Beards did it. With the belief that anything a bicycle can do, it can be done with a motorcycle, the team proceeds to put the rear section of a CBR under the knife.

Split Wheel Motorcycle by Bikes and Beards

TBH, I would rather not go into the details of the build because it was obviously way more complicated than a bicycle. But the result is a functional sports bike with a split rear wheel. It rides fine albeit a little on the bouncy side.

You can have a look at the build in the video embedded below. However, if you prefer to read, Kate over at SupercarBlondie.com has an extensive write-up.

Images: YouTube (Bikes and Beards).

via SupercarBlondie.