5 Factors To Consider While Buying Roller Hockey Skates

Are you looking to buy roller skates? Many first-time buyers often buy the wrong size or choose roller skates that do not last long. Choosing the right pair of roller hockey skates can be confusing, especially if you buy them for the first time. That’s why it’s essential to have the correct information before buying your roller skates for the first time. Don’t worry; here are five factors that you need to consider while buying your first hockey skates.

5 Factors To Consider While Buying Roller Hockey Skates
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1. Size

Roller skate fitting makes a lot of difference in your on-field performance. You cannot risk losing a match because you have loose skates. Therefore, you must check the size when you buy roller skates. Everyone has different feet, which means the same size may not fit everyone. You should also know that different roller skate brands have different sizing parameters. A size 8.5 skate in CCM might be a size nine skate in Bauer.

According to the standard fitting rule for roller skates, it’s always best to buy skates that are 1.5 sizes smaller than your men’s shoe size. It means if you wear size ten men’s shoes, a size eight or 8.5 roller skate would fit perfectly on your feet. You can determine the best fitting by going down the sizes without hurting your fit. The skates must fit as snug to your feet to not move inside during skating. It must feel like an extension of your feet that you can maintain high speed and greater stability.

2. Price

Many buyers cannot afford to buy the latest, top-of-the-line skates, and they are supposed to. If you have a knack for buying the latest models like iPhone users, you should go ahead and buy yourself a $1500 top-notch roller skates. But if you are a rational buyer, you should know your options before spending more than you should. 

The price tag of above $1000 overwhelms many first-time buyers. But bypassing it isn’t the hardest thing you will do. The real challenge is getting the same quality and features within $500. All you need to do is keep an eye on the right deal. Always be on the lookout for clearance sales on your favorite brand. It’s also a good idea to buy roller skates when they launch new models of roller skates. When a brand launches a new model, they often reduce the prices of their previous models by 20–30%. 

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Another great hack to get the best deal on your roller hockey skates is buying the model right above the mid-range models. These models have many features of high-end models and yet cost a little more than mid-range models. Although you may not get all the features of the $1000+ skate model, you still get some of the features in the skates you choose in 

$400 to $600. It also makes more sense to buy mid-range models because new shoes suffer from wear and tear as you just started roller skating. Once you become more experienced, you can spend more on high-end models.

5 Factors To Consider While Buying Roller Hockey Skates
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3. Comfort

Comfort is an often-overlooked factor while buying roller skates. Many first-time buyers often choose the tightest model. The tight skates may feel perfect, but when you spend hours on the field, the tight skates will set your feet on fire. You will not only be able to skate correctly, but you also run the risk of getting infections. Try to walk in the shoes and see how they adjust according to your feet. Human feet stretch differently when you stand, walk and run. 

The material of the skates also makes a difference in their comfort. Many roller shake shoes are made of polyurethane, a copolymer plastic material that makes them durable and protects them from tears. Roller skates also have comfortable foam insoles and padding to make them more comfortable. 

4. Safety Features

Playing on the rink can be dangerous. You need to protect your feet from the rapid fast puck and hard-hitting hockey sticks. Many newbie players experience a lot of scripting and bruises on the field due to a lack of safety features in skates. The skate must have a sole with a suitable grip on the rink surface. It should avoid slipping yet offer greater stability. 

One major part of that need for safety is your toes. You don’t want your toes to get trampled under other players’ feet. That’s why you must choose skates that have tough toe caps. It should also have durable material inside the toe cap lining inside the skate.  

5. Warranty

You should always check for the warranty of the roller skates. Defective pieces might break too soon. You should get a refund or replacement for your skates. Different brands offer different warranties, so double check before buying. 

Buying your first roller skates must be more exciting and less frightening. Consider all these factors before buying to get the best-fitting roller hockey skates with the required safety features, durability, and the right price.

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