MOVA Rotating Globe Powered by Light

The best decor piece and/or novelty item to own for a person of knowledge is no doubt a globe. You didn’t think that they came up with a globe wine bar because they can. No. Because having a globe makes you look like a knowledgeable person, a person of a certain class, even for an alcoholic. No, wait. I mean alcohol connoisseur.

MOVA Rotating Globe Powered by Light

And you know what makes a globe-owner appears even more knowledgeable? A globe that rotates on its own. That’s easy, right? Just pick up a magnetic levitating globe and you got yourself a spinning globe (or maybe not). But if you want to be more sophisticated and go all-out science-sy, you definitely want to go with MOVA.

MOVA is a rotating globe powered by more than just the science of magnetism. It has a dual shell construction featuring a transparent outer shell that remains stationary while allowing the inner shell, i.e. the globe, to rotate freely.

MOVA Rotating Globe Powered by Light

The rotation is perpetual – thanks to solar cells that generate power when light passes through and the internal motor and magnet that react with the Earth’s magnetic field. Absolutely no battery or external power source is required. Here is how it works:

“The motion mechanism needs a source of counter-torque to sustain the continuous rotation. Similar to how a compass needle points to magnetic north and remains in place as you turn the compass, the MOVA Globe’s magnet reacts to the Earth’s magnetic field, with the interaction causing the magnet to remain still while the motion mechanism pivots and turns the entire inner globe.”

Solar cells, magnet, and motor are not alone in creating this almost magical phenomenon; in between the shells is an almost imperceptible thin layer of fluid that affords the inner shell to levitate freely and to spin without touching the outer shell.

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But it is not as simple as introducing fluid in between the shells. The optical parameters of the micro-volume fluid and the distance between the two shells are precisely designed to project the turning graphics of the inner globe onto the outer shell to create an illusion of a single globe. It is indeed very magical – even though it is 100% science.

MOVA Rotating Globe Powered by Light

Now for the exciting news. The MOVA rotating globe powered by light is a thing money can buy. It is available in three sizes (4.5, 6, and 8.5 inches) and in a variety of designs, ranging from varying styles of Earth, various styles of the world map, and popular planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter. There are other non-planet/star designs too.

However, such science decor object does not come cheap. Expect to shell out at least US$180 for one. You can view the entire range HERE.

Images: MOVA.