Lua Smart Planter With Feelings

Unlike some animals, you will never know how a plant is feeling. But why do you know how it is feeling? Well, simple. If plant could communicate like dogs with whining and barking, or cats with meow and purring, you’d be able to know if it is well fed or if they need to go outdoor. If plant ever communicate its feelings to you, it is often too late, but not if Lua Smart Planter With Feelings by Mu Design can help it.

Lua Smart Planter With Feelings

This innovative planter features a built in screen that lets your plant express how it feels. With a bunch of sensors to pick up data like soil moisture, temperature, and light exposure, the planter will be able to communicate to you via a 2.4-inch LCD display. Altogether, it has a library of 15 emotions that can be displayed to express.

For examples, if it is too cold or hot Lua will appear with chattering teeth or sweating, and if it is not getting enough water, Lua will appear with a drooping tongue or turn into a vampire if it is not getting the light that it needs. If it works as advertised, Lua Smart Planter With Feelings will take the guesswork out of maintaining a plant which is kind of awesome. Please, just don’t give it speech because, that will be absolutely creepy.

Imagine Audrey II were to be planted in a such a pot. Mu Design would have throw in a couple of new graphics like, you know, a mouth with a person in it, to show Twoey is hungry for human blood. The pot is, of course, app-enabled, allowing you to log the kind of plant it is (not sure if it does carnivorous Venus Flytrap, though) and it will proceed to automatically calibrate the sensors to the plant’s specific need.

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Belgian designer Vivien Mueller of Mu Design has taken to Indiegogo to peddle this innovative, high-tech planter where you can help make it a reality and, if it gets funded, bag yourself a unit for $111.

Images: Mu Design.

Source: Curbed.