LEGO 21332 The Globe

The winner of the LEGO Ideas first 2020 review results, the Earth Globe by DisneyBrick55, is now an official LEGO set simply called The Globe (21332). After LEGO designers weaved their magic hands over it, DisneyBrick55’s Earth Globe now packs significantly more pieces, at 2,585 as opposed to the original proposed 2,060 pieces.

LEGO 21332 The Globe

Though it does not become bigger physically. The proposed globe was 39 cm tall, 36 cm wide and 32 cm long but the consumer-ready set is 40 cm high, 30 cm wide, and 26 cm deep (16 x 12 x 11 inches).

That would mean it is beefier and more structurally sound, and it would have to be considering all of the weight is on a single point of support and the fact that it can spin – made possible by LEGO Technic elements – like an old Earth Globe which is inspired by.

With the pandemic having no end in sight, LEGO 21332 The Globe is a reminder of the good’ol times where we were free to roam the little blue marble. But let’s hope this will be over soon so that you can use this brick-built globe to plan your next travel destination.

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LEGO 21332 The Globe

You can also leverage the studs to mark places you have visited with LEGO Dot or other LEGO elements or spruce the globe up further. That said, the LEGO 21332 The Globe may be designed for adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) in mind but I think its education and play value are pretty up there.

Anyways, moving along… the globe further features glow-in-the-dark tiles decorated with the names of continents and oceans, a buildable ship, and compass icons, before rounding up with ‘The Earth’ nameplate.

The LEGO 21332 The Globe gave the old Earth globe a new spin while retaining the old world charm associated with it.

LEGO 21332 The Globe

The LEGO 21332 The Globe will drop on February 01, 2022, for US$199.99. Meanwhile, you can learn more HERE.

All images courtesy of LEGO Group.