By the decree of Crocs, every October is Croctober. It is a month where there will be a month-long extravaganza celebrating its vibrant and creative fan base, Croc Nation. Last year’s Croctober was extra special, though, as Crocs introduces a fan-fantasy turned reality – the Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot, a design long whispered about and finally brought to life.

Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot

Launched on the fan-established Croc Day, October 23, 2024, this boot dazzles with a croc-embossed shine, western flair stitching, and unique metallic Jibbitz charms, including a novel spin-able spur charm. Duke, Crocs’ mascot, even tips his hat to the occasion with a cowboy makeover.

I know, right? It is hard to imagine some people have the desire for a Crocs-based cowboy boot. People may describe Crocs as ugly but truth be told, it has its allure, and this allure when gotten a jot of boost from the wild wild west had people going ga-ga over it.

Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot

As you may have already guessed it. The Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot is sold out. I don’t believe it will make a return since Crocs has removed the product page.

Images: Crocs.

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