Homemade Rideable Electric TIE Fighter

Furze and Burton may have built a full-size Kylo Ren TIE Fighter which a grown-ass man can get in and pretend to fly it. Allan Carver’s TIE Fighter may not fly. It may not even of life-size (it is not small either though; it is about 1/3rd scale), but one thing for sure is, it is totally mobile and it can also fit a grown-ass man inside, albeit with not much room to so much as to wiggle. Built with reference to a vintage Kenner toy, Carver’s electric TIE fighter is driven by electric wheelchair motors and features a foam body over a custom steel chassis.

Homemade Rideable Electric TIE Fighter

A DX8 RC receiver, hooked up to a Sabertooth dual-motor driver allows it to be remotely controlled with a regular R/C transmitter. As you can see, it may not be as detailed as Kylo’s vessel here on Earth, but it sure the hell moves. Granted it does not have actual control within the tiny cockpit, but the important thing is, it is mobile. Also, Carver’s built is complete with sound effects and music track, so he can pretend to hug the ground (on Tatooine, perhaps?) chasing the rebel scums.

Here, have a look at this freaking awesome 1/3rd scale homemade rideable electric TIE fighter in action in the embedded video below.

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Images: YouTube.

Animated GIF and source: Laughing Squid.