If you are a backpack user who actually have something in your backpack, you could be walking around with a bowling ball on your neck every time you tilt your head forward for even by just 15 degrees. This comes as a revelation to me even though it is obvious that I know that a loaded backpack is bad news for the back and neck. While it seems like an inevitable thing, the folks over at BetterBack has developed a backpack accessory that could save your neck, like literally.

SuperStraps Backpack Booster

Called SuperStraps Backpack Booster, this clever contraption is the world’s first and only backpack accessory to instantly relieves your shoulder and back tension weighed down by a loaded backpack. BetterBack said SuperStraps (not affiliated to any superhero, btw) can lift as much as 27 lbs of force off your neck and at the same time, enjoy instant relief in your shoulders, back, knees as well as hips. In addition, with SuperStraps, you’d be walking around effortlessly in the correct posture too.

In short, SuperStraps Backpack Booster will turn any backpack into a truly ergonomic backpack. But how does it really work? Well, without digging too deep into the technical bits, SuperStraps (which comes in a pair, obviously) are add-ons to your backpack’s shoulder straps that force each strap to form an arc by tugging on the respective strings. By creating an arc on each strap, it actually helps to distribute the force of backup by up to 5x the surface area, BetterBack said.

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SuperStraps Backpack Booster

If you believe BetterBack SuperStraps Backpack Booster will have your back covered, you may want to consider joining the nearly 7,000 backers on Kickstarter in pre-ordering a set. At the time of this writing, bagging yourself a set will cost you $49-59. The campaign is funded (well over funded, in fact) which means the product is go, which also means you’d be expecting SuperStraps sometime in October/November later this year. Check out the pitch video below to learn more.

SuperStraps Backpack Booster

All images courtesy of BetterBack.

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