Shooting pro-level kind of images is not by accident. You will need to know how to work a camera and sometimes, you need a little help from filters. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. The fact that smartphone makers are fervently pursuing the filter route by the way of software should offer a hint of how filters can vastly alter the quality of images. But you can’t really do the same with DSLR, mirrorless and cinematic cameras. Granted, you can add the magic during post production, but if you are seeking for ultimate in light transmission and clarity right there and then, there is the PolarPro QuartzLine line of lens filters that will do the job.

PolarPro QuartzLine Camera Lens Filters

QuartzLine Camera Filters are so named after the material they are made of. Constructed from 99.9 percent pure fused quartz, these filters promised to “set a new bar for light transmission and purity.” Compared to traditional filters, rare, fused quartz is able to deliver extremely low refraction index. Moreover, a new optical coating method applied to the filters further helps to reduce surface reflectivity to less than one percent and at the same time, boosting its surface hardness – all without altering the perfectly neutral color profile.

PolarPro QuartzLine Camera Lens Filters

PolarPro QuartzLine is available in a full collection of UV filters, polarizers, neutral density filters, and hybrid polarizing/ND filters and in sizes ranging from 37mm up to 82mm. An array of step-up rings are also available to ensure the filters can be used with virtually any lens. Each filter features a four-part frame crafted out of brass for durability, with the interior coated in matte black to prevent unwanted reflections. We just ran through the official press text and man, these filters have so many benefits that we find it too lengthy to detail here.

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PolarPro QuartzLine Camera Lens Filters

However, if you are down to learn more, you can pick up comprehensive details over at the product page. PolarPro QuartzLine Camera Filters will be available starting May 15, but if you desire, you can secure yours starting today by pre-ordering it on PolarPro website. Prices range from $59.99 to $249.99, depending on size and filter style.

PolarPro QuartzLine Camera Lens Filters

PolarPro QuartzLine Camera Lens Filters

All images courtesy of PolarPro.

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