French tent maker responsible for marrying an inflatable exoskeleton tent with a hammock to result in a lightweight, super quick and easy-to-set-up tent that lets you sleep off the ground, away from the creepy crawlies, Exod, is back with a new tent.

Exod Monolith Hanging Inflatable Exoskeleton Tent

Called Monolith Shelter, this super sleek and somewhat mysterious-looking tent is essentially the trimmed-down version of the ARK designed for one person.

Like the larger Exod ARK, Monolith Shelter is good as shelter in the air or on the ground and it is a light-proof, waterproof, eco-design shelter good for all four seasons.

Thanks to the inflatable exoskeleton, the structure can be set up in mere 15 seconds. Meanwhile, it includes two telescopic carbon rods to create a flatbed, along with 16 meters (52 feet!) worth of webbing to allow it to be secure above the ground.

Exod Monolith Hanging Inflatable Exoskeleton Tent

The air frame is of high-strength polyester and TPU while the tent itself is made of a 2-layer fabric comprising of nylon ripstop that is water repellent and a PU breathable membrane and the bed sheet and inner tent are 100% nylon 420D – also water repellent – and 100% polyester mesh, respectively.

Basically, this tent is built tough while remaining fairly lightweight to be carried around.

The Exod Monolith Hanging Inflatable Exoskeleton Tent is available in limited quality, in exchange for €850 or US$960 of your hard-earned money. If you really want one, be sure to act on it fast because, last checked, there are only 37 36 units left.

Exod Monolith Hanging Inflatable Exoskeleton Tent
Exod Monolith Hanging Inflatable Exoskeleton Tent

Images: Exod.

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