This is ARK from Exod. It takes HEIMPLANET inflatable exoskeleton tent concept to the next level, like quite literally. ARK combines the best of inflatable exoskeleton tent with a hammock.

ARK Hanging Inflatable Exoskeleton Tent

ARK also one up traditional hammock by not having the overly cosy curve that Homer Simpson love so dearly. It is essentially a floating tent which is not new. However, an inflatable exoskeleton tent/hammock hybrid is.

The perks of an inflatable exoskeleton tent is obvious: it can be setup within minutes, if not seconds. All you need is an air pump to take the leg work out of setting up the tent. Well, at least for the tent part of things.

ARK Hanging Inflatable Exoskeleton Tent

ARK hanging inflatable exoskeleton tent has a single wall waterproof and breathable custom fabric as used in kiteboarding, and features a collapsible carbon frame system, a clear roof, multiple storage spaces on the inside, two wide doors, and four large sealable aeration.

Like the Opeongo Aerial A1, it can be used on the ground as well, but the real star feature is ought to be the elevated tent with multiple anchor points solution.

ARK Hanging Inflatable Exoskeleton Tent

In addition to setting it tree-to-tree, vehicle-to-tree, and between rock surfaces, ARK inflatable exoskeleton tent also supports single point suspension such as under a bridge or a sturdy tree branch where there are no other trees within reach. The latter had to be the most unique feature we have seen in hanging tents in recent years.

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Exod has taken to Kickstarter to fund the ARK, but last checked, it has yet to reach its funding goal. No surprise here as it is pretty pricey. A basic pack cost €795 (about US$940) or more while the the full pack commands at least €1,895 (around US$2,240).

Lets be honest, two grand is a lot to pay for a tent. However, if you are undaunted, you may want to chip in to help make it a reality.

ARK Hanging Inflatable Exoskeleton Tent

Images: Exod.

Source: designboom.

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