Evangelion may have officially concluded with Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time but its spirit lives among us as toys, collectibles, and tools. Coming from Kakuri Sangyo Co. which produces Evangelion work brand, A.T. FIELD, cobranded box cutter, and dog tag prying tool, is the A.T. FIELD Tweezers 5-piece Set NERV Model.

A.T. FIELD Tweezers 5-piece Set NERV Model

A.T. FIELD Tweezers 5-piece Set NERV Model contains five types of tweezers: straight, round, flat, slim, and reverse. The latter being a tweezer that is by default close and only opens when you grip it close:

TBH, there are just ordinary tweezers but with laser engraved A.T. FIELD branding. The tweezers come in a storage box which also features A.T. FIELD branding with many familiar NERV elements such as the honeycomb motif so often seen in the series.

The A.T. FIELD Tweezers 5-piece Set NERV Model sells for 1,848 yen (about 14 bucks) in Japan and it is available from Evangelion official online store, Evangelion Store Toyko 01, and at Kakuri Sangyo webstore.

Images: Kakuri Sangyo Co. [JP].

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