Evangelion A.T. FIELD Tweezers 5-piece Set NERV Model: For Hobbies Fishing, And More

Evangelion may have officially concluded with Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time but its spirit lives among us as toys, collectibles, and tools. Coming from Kakuri Sangyo Co. which produces Evangelion work brand, A.T. FIELD, cobranded box cutter, and dog tag prying tool, is the A.T. FIELD Tweezers 5-piece Set NERV Model.

Meet Evangelion-Themed Soldering Iron, Box Cutter, And Cutting Mat

That’s right, folks. There are more Evangelion-themed work tools. Joining the myriad of functional tools, which include hand tools, Dremel-like power tools, are the A.T. Field x Hakko Dial-type Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron and A.T. Field x Olfa Cutter NERV Model and A.T. Field x Olfa Cutter Mat A3 NERV Model.

AT Field Key Tool Is A Screwing And Prying Tool Fashioned After NERV/WILLE Dog Tag

The whole premise of Evangelion is a post-apocalypse world and as such, it is fitting to have merchandise that can be used in the desolated future. OK. Perhaps the AT Field Key Tool will not help you to survive the doomsday, but it is a cool thing to collect that is also useful for tightening …